André & Salome

Capturing Andre and Salome's love story at the enchanting Stanford Hills wine farm was an absolute delight. Against the backdrop of sprawling vineyards and rolling hills, Salome, a dedicated doctor, and Andre, a skilled chef, exchanged their vows surrounded by the lush greenery and towering trees. Their charming blue-eyed son and two furry companions added an extra layer of warmth to the occasion. The ceremony was a whimsical affair, with delicate butterfly paper cutouts dancing in the breeze, creating a magical atmosphere. Surrounded by the love of family and friends, the couple's journey unfolded in the embrace of nature. The celebration continued into the reception, held at The Tasting Room restaurant on the farm, where their team turned the evening into a feast for the senses. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and the celebration of a beautiful family beginning a new chapter in the heart of wine country.

Service Providers

Hair Stylist

Hair by Leoume Vos


 Dress by Cindy Bam

Makeup Artist

 Make-up by Leoume Vos


Reformed Leather


Stanford Hills


The Tasting Room, Stanford Hills


The Tasting Room, Stanford Hills


Flowers by Stanford Hills