Coenraad & Janita

I had the honour of capturing a remarkable love story—two souls finding love again later in life. The setting was a whimsical garden at a spiritual retreat, where an intimate chapel emerged, adorned by vibrant flowers and a tranquil pond. Against this picturesque backdrop, the couple exchanged vows, their eyes reflecting a profound connection that time had only deepened. In a moment of quiet communion, they took solace in each other's company, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the gentle whispers of a love that had blossomed anew.

Service Providers

Hair Stylist

Hair by by Mari by Onrus Day Spa


Dress by Scarlet fashion boutique in Somerset West

Makeup Artist

Makeup by Mari by Onrus Day Spa


Venue at Volmoed, Hermanus


Catering by Careserve Hermanus & Jolene von Kotze


Cake by Marlene van Der Merwe