Corne & Elma

Photographing Elma and Corne's wedding was like stepping into a bygone era of timeless elegance. The couple's classical looks and undeniable chemistry transported me to capture moments reminiscent of a famous romance. The setting for their nuptials was the Hemel and Aarde Valley in Hermanus, at Volmoed, a spiritual retreat featuring a small rock chapel embraced by majestic trees and hydrangea flowers. The intimate ceremony added a sense of serenity to the celebration. As the couple exchanged vows, it felt as if nature itself was blessing their union. The festivities continued up the valley at La Vierge wine farm, where they indulged in a delectable meal crafted by the renowned Chef Bruce at the restaurant. The entire day, from the tranquil chapel to the scenic wine farm, was a harmonious blend of classical beauty and culinary delight, making it a celebration for the ages.

Service Providers

Hair Stylist

Hair by Allure Hair Couture


 Dress by Bride & Co

Makeup Artist

 Make-up by Bernice of Wonderfully Make Makeup Artist


Flowers by Flower Scene, Hermanus


Volmoed Trust, Hemel & Aarde Valley


La Vierge Wine Farm, Hemel & Aarde Valley