Milah's 8th Birthday

Capturing Milah's 8th birthday bash in Hermanus was an adventure filled with giggles and surprises! Amidst the backdrop of camo splashed with pink hues, every snapshot was a burst of joy. Charlotte from Krummels wowed everyone with a cake that was almost too beautiful to eat (almost!), while Estelle from Blueberry Monday ensured no one went hungry with snacks that were as delightful as they were delicious. But the real thrill came from Marinus & Simone of Extreme Tactical Airsoft, who turned the day into an action-packed extravaganza with Gel Blasters that had the kids feeling like mini commandos. And let's not forget the pièce de résistance – Milah, armed with determination and a bat, taking on her piñata with gusto! It was a birthday for the books, filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of fun.