Nick & Emmah

I had the pleasure of framing Nick & Emma's Special day and their love against the picturesque backdrop of the Klein Rivier Cheese Farm in Stanford. The venue's rustic charm provided a perfect canvas for a wedding that seamlessly blended playful moments and timeless traditions. The celebration brought together guests of all ages, creating a vibrant tapestry of joy. One of the highlights was a leisurely walk along the river, where the guests joyfully followed, sharing in the couple's happiness. The event was a delightful fusion of new and old customs, reflecting the couple's unique journey. Returning to the venue, the festivities commenced with an atmosphere of love and celebration, echoing the sentiments of a day filled with both cherished memories and exciting beginnings.

Meet our team

Hair Stylist

Hair by Sam Sunshine


 Dress by Karen Sanders of Mcouture


Videography by Reel Productions SA

Makeup Artist

 Make-up by Sam Sunshine


Catering by Tullishe Le Roux


Klein Rivier Cheese Farm, Stanford