Ross & Emma

Capturing the wedding moments of Ross and Emma was a joyous occasion filled with youthful energy and love. The charming couple exchanged vows at the Hermanus Clubhouse, a picturesque venue overlooking a beautiful cricket field and the majestic Hermanus mountains. Ross and Emma, both youngsters with a zest for life, created a warm and intimate celebration surrounded by their closest family and friends. Emma, a teacher at Curro school, added a personal touch by having their home economics teacher, Anna Mia, cater the event. The sweet get-together was a testament to their love, with Emma's son joining in on the festivities, creating a heartwarming family affair that will surely be cherished for years to come.

Service Providers

Hair Stylist

Hair by Continental Hair


 Dress by Carmen Rose Couture

Makeup Artist

 Make-up by Louwina Makeup


Hermanus Sports Club


Catering by Anna Mia Henn from Taste Sensations


Flowers by Betty's Box


Cake made by My Cake Angel


Music by ljaudioza