Trevor & Monique

Trevor and Monique's post-wedding celebration at Lomond Wine Farm was a picturesque affair that perfectly blended two cultures under the South African sun. The day after saying "I do," the couple hosted an epic cook-off—South African braai vs. American BBQ—that had their guests buzzing with excitement. The array of meats and side dishes, accompanied by each country's flags, made for a delightful culinary showdown. The setting was just as stunning, with a scenic pond and an iconic 'L' wooden sculpture that became the backdrop for countless photos. As the sun dipped below the horizon, bonfires crackled to life, adding to the cozy, festive atmosphere. Being a winemaker and cyclist, Trevor's passions were reflected in the choice of venue, right down to meeting Monique at a neighbouring wine store. Having captured their engagement, witnessing their joyful reception unfold through my lens was a true pleasure.